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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Cover Lab?

Simple: An orgy of hot, sexy, and perfectly delicious EXCLUSIVE cover photos for purchase to use on your book cover. Yippee!

How does the Cover Lab work?

Put on your blue light blocking glasses because you’re going to need them. Looking for that perfect cover photo? Easy... you can click on one of our fast tabs, go to our search bar and type in what you’re looking for (Ex. Abs, Couple, Hockey, Brown Hair—sorry, no nudes here, don’t try to search for them), or just enjoy perusing all of our photos. When you find a picture(s) you like and JUST HAVE TO HAVE, add it to your cart, accept our Terms and Conditions and End-User Agreement (make sure to read those before accepting), and purchase. Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long, the internet is pretty fast and you will get a receipt and then a direct download link of your images within a minutes. Done and done! 

Are the images really exclusive?

Heck yes they are! We have contracts with all our artists, making sure all pictures sold through The Cover Lab are exclusive to the purchasers which means . . . You won’t see that image on another book cover. Doesn’t that just tickle your teet?

The packaged photos, can I use those for multiple book covers?

That depends. We have two different packages: Single Cover Package and Multiple Cover Package. Single Cover Package images are for the authors out there who love using exclusive photos for marketing materials. One image is allotted for the book cover, the others are for marketing only. The Multiple Cover Package images can be used for multiple book covers or however you would like. Each package will be clearly labeled so you know what you're permitted to do with the photos prior to purchasing.

Do you offer custom photoshoots? 

That would be the bees knees, but we’re not at that point yet. Maybe in the future. We are always sending newsletters out to our artists to let them know what we need more of so we can keep things replenished. 

What’s your return policy?

We do not offer returns/refunds on our artists's work. Before you make your purchase, be sure you are 100% set on the image(s) because there are no refunds. You can read more about our return policy in our End-User Agreement prior to purchasing. We’re so sorry. Don’t hate us.

Do you offer payment plans?

Not currently, we’re sorry. But a credit card with cashback or airline points will do you a great service here. 

Why are some heroes headless?

Because we like to give authors the opportunity to lend an imaginative eye to their readers while absorbing the poignant words they write. Also, thick biceps and a pair of abs can really sell a book.