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Submission Process

The Cover Lab is a platform for models/photographers (Artists) to sell their images to authors/publishers for their book covers.

Why exclusive photos? Because having a one of a kind cover photo is important to authors given the rapidly growing market of romance novels.



How does The Cover Lab work?

Simple and easy.

  1. Take pictures (or if you already have some, great!)
  2. Submit submission form and pictures to The Cover Lab
  3. Receive confirmation email that your pictures were chosen.
  4. Submit release forms, W-9, and signed contract.
  5. Pictures are posted on the website and promoted vigorously by our staff.
  6. Authors purchase photos and receive a direct download link from The Cover Lab.
  7. Artists (You) make money!

What we are looking for?

  1. Hot models (see guidelines)
  2. Headless Heroes – pictures of guys cropped from chin down.
  3. Intimate couples
  4. Single images
  5. Packages – images grouped together from the same shoot. One picture for the cover, others for marketing.

Please see our guidelines PDF for precisely what we’re looking for. Please note, we will refuse any NUDE submissions. 

What are the pricing guidelines?

  1. Single images and packages – price cap of $3,000
  2. Headless Heroes – price cap of $800
  3. Top Models - No price cap

The Cover Lab gives each artist the privilege of pricing their own work. Our advice to you, be competitive but fair to your craft. 

What does the submission entail?

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Email
  4. Photo upload
  5. Photo information (price, single/package, tags, title)

The Cover Lab runs off of a search engine. As the artist, we ask that you provide not only your contact information but also provide “tags” for your pictures so they’re easily searchable. (for example: brown hair, athlete, abs, glasses, etc.) We are trying to gather as much information about your pictures as possible so authors can find them easily and purchase. The more tags, the better. It also asks for the price of your photos, whether it's part of a package, and the title.

What are the release forms and contract?

  1. The release form is so we know you own the photo(s) and have the authority to sell the photo(s) on The Cover Lab.
  2. The contract protects The Cover Lab as well as the Artist in the partnership of selling photos. It does NOT make you exclusive to selling only to The Cover Lab, but it does ensure the photos you sell on the website are exclusive to authors once purchased and exclusive to The Cover Lab as long as you want them up on the website. If you have questions about the contract, please feel free to email us with any questions at

Where do I find the release forms to sign?

Once your photos are submitted, The Cover Lab staff will email you to let you know if your pictures have been selected. If they have, the staff will email you the forms through an electronic signature service for your review and signature. Once all forms are filled out and submitted, we will put your photos up on the website and start advertising them. 

**Hint** The quicker you fill out the forms, the faster your images will go up on the website.

Are all photos submitted selected?

Unfortunately, no. We not only want to make sure we DON’T sell similar pictures to different authors, because we want to grant them with an experience where they can have a one of a kind cover (from the same photo shoot, you can group photos together into a package), but we also need to establish some quality control so there aren’t any inappropriate pictures on the website. Sorry, but no nudes, regardless of how wonderful the model’s body is.

What am I allowed to sell?

  1. Exclusive single images – use for one book cover only.
  2. Exclusive packages - If you have a few photos from the same photo shoot, you can group them together for purchase and offer them as single book cover and marketing. OR you can offer them as a “series” for multiple book covers in the same series.

Packages, unless labeled otherwise, are to be utilized as ONE photo for the book cover use only and the rest of the photos are for marketing materials.

What kind of percentage does The Cover Lab take?

We take a 10% cut of each image/package sold. This cut is to pay for staff, the website, marketing, and newsletter.

How do I get paid?

Once you fill out the W-9 form, you will be paid the first week of every month following a sale(s) via PayPal. For example, you will be paid for your April sale(s) in the first week of May. There will be an itemized invoice sent to you of what photos you sold. We can’t wait to send you your first chunk of money!

How is The Cover Lab going to help sell my photos?

We are insiders of the romance novel industry. We have every connection you can think of and we plan on using that to YOUR advantage.

Aside from the website, we will be spending rigorous time on our promotions which include social media, our newsletter to our author/publisher community, featured photos, and book signing events.